Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Press Release - Top Small Business Weapon

The press release is still one of the top ways to spread the news and make your business more famous. If you are looking for a way to promote your new product, service, online store, brand and event, then the press release is probably the most effective cheap way to improve your online popularity. The effective pr distribution can make your brand or business recognized even the next day after PR is alive, so reaching targeted audience and potential leads is not impossible task.

The press release is small top business weapon because it can quickly and effectively promote your business,  site, upcoming event like sales promotions, anniversaries, upgrading/launching site, new office and address, received rewards and etc. You can use press release in so many different ways to increase the credibility of your brand and business activity. It's real sin if you don't implement the powerful PR in your online marketing strategy. It can highly increase the return of your investment, and many small business owners realize that, for example, one press release is more effective then several Facebook and Twitter campaigns.

The press release distributed in the right way can also highly increase the ranking and authority of your sites. All search engines love to crawl all major news sites and outlets, so it's easy to get your story listed even in Google news. It will give you instant and high authority backlinks with the best keywords describing your business. It will inevitably leads to amazing online presence and branding, because getting to the top of search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing will increase your contacts, sales and potential leads by pulling constant traffic from the online world.

Adding constant press releases to your marketing efforts will double your efficiency. It's really cheap and effective for your budget to use our press release service which includes writing and distribution of your story to to major news sites, search engines, niche blogs and journalist. Millions of people will have the chance to see and read your news, so take advantage of it while it's reduced. Then you'll  see that press release is really powerful small business advertising weapon.


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