Wednesday, June 19, 2013

5 Benefits of Press Releases for Your Business

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Check below just 5 of the benefits of press releases for making your business more popular.  The correctly done press release distribution can increase the branding of your site or product really effectively. It is one of the best ways which many internet marketers and small business owners use to promote their local and online business activity.

1. Your Press Release will be published by other publishers

The purpose of the press release is to display your news in front of as many people as possible.
But what really attracts the attention of your audience when using this marketing method? First, if your news is new and interesting to a wide audience, then it is very likely to be published by many other publishers. Try to include new and interesting short videos in your PR if it is possible. Then your press release will be much more effective than just a way of simple communication. The selection of the right time for your publication is of great importance. The more people, especially journalists, see your press release, the more likely it is going to be posted by other publishers. So, if your goal is it to be seen and republished many times, the correct timing is important to gain maximum benefits.

2. Press Release and Link Building

One of the major benefits to include PR in your marketing strategy is to build links to your site or business profile. The well done press releases will definitely help for SEO optimization (website optimization for search engines like Google). The editorial coverage you get from them will bring great benefits to your SEO. Make sure to include the keywords that you want, so when journalists cite your post, they include just those keywords in their publications.

We believe there is tremendous synergy between SEO and development of public relations. The news distribution can make SEO one of the best investments of your company. Thanks to it you can get a lot of inbound links to your site, to distribute important keywords and include links for both readers and the media.

3. Press releases help journalists to gather information

All the information you would like journalists to understand for your company is synthesized in one place when you create a press release. External documents, including presentations and studies should be available in the press release, making it easier for journalists to find and recommend the exact information they need to write their story (about you).

4. Press releases synthesize your message

You should make sure that the press release distribution can help you to achieve maximum exposure of your corporate message when composing it, because it will be read and cited. Make sure to provide the correct message to all who will publish it. After publication it will be quoted from bloggers to sales representatives and it will represent your brand with this synthesized message.
5. How best press releases provide content for other marketing channels on the Internet?

The information that you should include in the press release for your business is a standard - an introductory text giving more information about the news, general information about the company, quoting officials or supporters, and of course final conclusion. The inclusion of links to videos and pictures in the press release will definitely increase the spreading of your news. Remember, pictures increase the commitment to the message by 18% and videos by 55%.

Using press releases in your online and offline marketing strategy will inevitably increase the popularity of your business, site, new product, reached goal, promotional sale, contest and etc. Take advantage of press releases and don’t ignore their power. They can really make your brand famous and your site will be sitting on the top of the search engines for long time. And keep in mind, the above 5 benefits of press releases for your business are just small part of all amazing help and solid support that PR can give you.


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